Thursday, February 28, 2008

Auntie Rocks!!!

Okay, well after learning about all the great free stuff they offer at Whole Foods, I decided to borrow April's 6 year old and take him to the Kids and Seafood night. I figured, okay, I can learn to make some fish and get my dinner on! Boy, was I wrong!

I'm pretty sure that I said William's name at least 100 times [let me clarify before April get's to bloggin' about me talking about her baby!] He was very good, he's just 6 and very busy, all the kids were. I just couldn't understand, didn't these kids realize that I was trying to learn something and get free dinner! BE QUIET!!!

While attempting to batter and coat my own fish stick, William says, "Auntie Dawn I have to go to the bathroom"; "Auntie Dawn I'm thirsty"; "Auntie Dawn can you tie my shoe?"; "Auntie Dawn can we go somewhere after this?"; "Auntie Dawn I got fish on my shirt"; "Auntie Dawn I want shrimp", Auntie Dawn, Auntie Dawn, Auntie Dawn! All I could think was, "wow, I am sooo changing my name! Thank GOD I didn't bring the little one!"

Needless to say I still have no idea how to make fishsticks and I left quite hungry! I do know how much it means to April when we come by and take the kids out for a while, Moms need a break. Of course, the best thing about being Auntie is you get to bring them back home!

p.s. I'll be borrowing him again on March 14 for cupcake making night! Aunties gotta do what Aunties gotta do - I might bring the little one, he can't say my name too good yet! LOL!


  1. Thanks for the laugh. Great job on the blog! Anyone who's a mom (or aunt) has been in a situation like that. Got to keep your sense of humor and perspective and you'll survive! Enjoy these "fun" years!

  2. You're so right! Since the fish incident now the little one can say my name quite clearly so.............I'm going to cupcake night alone!!!LOL!!