Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City

I'm soooo not a Sex and the City fan so my sisters are putting me on blast for not liking the show. Carrie just annoys me. She had a good man in Aiden, but she let him go. She's soooo in love with Big, but he doesn't respect her enough to make her the number 1 woman in his life. He cheats on his wife to kick it with her. So now that his marriage has fallen apart he comes back to Carrie and proposes?? And she welcomes him with open arms??? UGH!!! Like I said, I'm really not a fan, but I have caught a couple of episodes (while in syndication.)

Soooo, my sisters are dragging me to see the movie this weekend! I'll go... but I won't like it!

Peace & Blessings,



  1. Tricia,
    I am with you. I was NOT a fan of the series. I do NOT like the Carrie character but I loved the other three ladies. They remind me of a younger me. Yes.. I am Miranda... Samantha and a bit of Charlotte.. depending on the situation.. BUT I REALLY enjoyed the movie. More because it speaks about friendships more than anything else. I agree... the few episodes I saw.. I loved Aidan. Anyhow.. there is my three cents. Stay POOKALICIOUS!

  2. Tricia,
    I wholeheartedly agree with you on not being a fan. They are such “label whores”. Takes one to know one :)- Anyway, I don’t like the character Carrie(I watched a few as well)and I don’t particularly care for Sarah Jessica Parker, so much like the character. Kim Cattrall’s character is an oversexed aging woman who refuses to grow up and the other 2 are just caught between the “wind and the wave”. Waiting 10 years for a relationship, well if they happen to be your soul-mate then maybe but come on 10 years? We do have to remember that this was “lievision” and in that world it can be whateva you make it.

    One of our former co-workers dragged me to see it as well, I went kicking and screaming and it was truly a “chick flick”.
    Now what I would love to see is a movie made of the show “Girlfriends” with all the original cast.

    Much love