Friday, May 16, 2008

My Oasis...

Well summer is fast approaching. It is my favorite time of the year. The hot weather is my weather! My husband and I agree that we will move to some hot weather destination when we approach our golden years. Still cute, driving through our retirement community with the top down!! But, for right now, we have a summer time project. It is to transform our backyard into the ultimate Oasis [well as much of an Oasis as you can have in Jersey!!]

Now this Oasis idea is really my idea but I am ok with that... I know hubby will enjoy the end result. I am thinking of flowers, waterfalls, hanging lights and an outdoor living room. He is thinking of how much work it will take and how many trips he will make to Home Depot!

I watch HGTV (when not watching the Food Network) and get a million ideas. Who knew rocks come in so many colors?? Marshall’s (my favorite store) will also be the place to find those one of a kind baskets, fabulous dishes and utensils, and indoor/outdoor rugs to put in my Oasis. Our grill area must be perfect to give honor to the great meals that will be prepared. As I told you before…dining outside adds to a Foodie’s culinary experience!!

My Oasis will be the ultimate gathering place or can be a cozy date for two. I will have to remind myself to go inside my house from time to time! I am excited for this project and will keep you posted as the Oasis evolves…

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  1. Please invite me to the oasis when it's finished.