Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi People,

Is it me or is everyone worried about everyone else’s business?! I, like my sister, am obsessed with this upcoming election. This is the most important political moment in my lifetime!! But can we just deal with the issues? ...of course not! Can we deal with the candidates’ stance on health care, the mortgage crisis, gas prices, the war? ...of course not! Can we deal with the effects of global warming? ...of course not! Can we deal with how our country will be viewed by the global community in the future? ...of course not!

No people, we have to deal with what the political affiliation of your neighbor was when you were five years old! Was all of your jewelry purchased at the United States of America tourist store! What type of book did you take that oath on??!! And my favorite... is that really your pastor?!!!

SORRY, but this is really more than I can take (by the way, I guess you see who I am defending!!) When I watch all of these political programs I sometimes think I am watching a televised issue of STAR magazine!! So much time, and energy and so-called knowledgeable opinion is spent on what I call the, who cares?! category!!

Look, most important is that you support and select the candidate of your choice. That support should be based on their record of service and their platform. The candidates, first and foremost, are human beings like you and me. They have gone though a lifetime (good, bad and indifferent) of everything that goes along with living life. This includes people, family and experiences, sometimes similar to ours and sometimes not. We can try to analyze their actions (past and present) and their every word, to determine their character. But, unless we are going home with them every day we will never really know them like that.

This is one of the most important elections for so many reasons and people are very passionate about their choice for the next president of the United States. It is an exciting time for us all! My plea to you is to focus. Focus on what is real and not fabricated or exaggerated or overrated or unimportant. People, please pay attention to the issues and do not be distracted by the distraction!!
Peace & Blessings,


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