Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Going To Be On A Speaker's Panel!!

I have been invited to participate in a panel discussion regarding entrepreneurship during tough economic times [obviously someone has been lookin' in my bank account!].

I'm excited about this opportunity. The panel is part of a conference entitled, "The Economics of Success: A Lesson in Perseverance. Shon Gables, formerly of CBS 2 News - currently host of Black Enterprise Business Report, is the keynote speaker of the conference. The panel includes Craig Treadway from CW11, me and April from Pooka and three other entrepreneurs. The conference takes place at 10:00 am this Saturday, May 17th, at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark, NJ.

We have been asked to give the "real deal" on the world of the small entrepreneur, especially during tough times like we are experiencing now. The conference has been designed to educate potential entrepreneurs but also to remind our supporters, clients and potential clients that we need them now more than ever. That support, no matter how small, is the life blood of our small businesses.

On that note, let me thank all of you, new and old Pooka customers, for the support you give us!! We appreciate every time you decide to steer a purchase our way instead of some big company. We know it's tough right now and we try to do our part with giveaways, sales and other promotions to make it easier on you.

Again, I like the idea of this conference and I'm honored to be chosen. I want to do my part to make sure everyone understands what is involved with not only opening a business but trying to keep it afloat when things get tight. We are trying to be as creative as possible and I'm happy to pass on any tips that I can.

So, yeah, it's tough but with your help and our hard work and prayers we will continue. Please don't ever forget, We need you, we love your support and we appreciate you!!

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  1. Wow congratulations! I wish I could be there and hear this informed and experienced panel. I'm looking forward to your next post.

    Congratulations Again,
    Kim Godfrey/Miesia Jones
    P.O. Box 23661
    Little Rock, AR 72221