Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sunday Dinner… Mmmmmm!!

Hi family! Well… a few weeks ago I decided to make Sunday dinner. Now to me Sunday dinner is a big deal. There is nothing like it! It’s about the preparation of the food, the good smells, and the laughter and conversation going on in the kitchen while dinner is being prepared. Did I say it was about the food?!!?

Come on now we all saw Soul Food and everyone’s lips were watering because they could smell all that good food right through the movie screen! So I decided to invite my parents, brother and sister. I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to prepare and invite folks over. I like being the hostess with the mostess. All that is going to change this summer with the Oasis! (Update-The Oasis still in progress. Will keep everyone posted!)

I searched many recipes and magazines being the Foodie that I am. I wanted to cook something special, something exotic. Then it hit me exactly what I wanted to make. A big mama dinner!! Now, I think that “big mama’s” come in all sizes. It’s all about the meal, people. My menu consisted of collard greens made with smoked turkey (no pork at our house and turkey gives it great flavor), sweet potatoes (made with brown sugar instead of white), macaroni and cheese (ok, that was just mac and cheese - some things just have to be!), cranberry sauce ( that was from the can but next time I will make from scratch), corn bread (which I added cream corn to-thanks Mom-in Law!) and some smothered turkey wings (baked in the oven).

Now my dinner was alright if I say so myself! More importantly everyone else did too. Now what did Dawn and Douglas say about dinner…..uhh, nothing because they did not come! Everyone is busy so sometimes that happens. No complaints from my hubby though. He loves leftovers second after me!! For dessert I tried to keep it light with mixed berries and whipped topping. My parents gave me that proud look that their baby girl can cook and my husband kept rubbing his belly. All in all I would say a good Sunday dinner was had by everyone!

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  1. Sounds good!...next time, you can invite me, I will show up :-)