Friday, March 28, 2008

Trust The Experts!

Okay I'm not a big makeup person, only for special occasions (weddings, etc.) I have convinced myself that I don't have the time to apply a bunch of makeup every day. My skin has always been okay... I mean I break out, of course, and I have combination skin but nothing too bad.

I went to the mall on Saturday and I stopped in Sephora just to check out what the competition was doing. I was overwhelmed by ALL of the products. Dawn was telling me that she heard about a natural mineral product that is supposed to be so good for your skin you can sleep in it! Well, that's the one for me!

So we go to Sephora to check out the products and, of course, I can't decided what color I'm supposed to be (beige, tawny, caramel, bronze I don't know!) So, I asked a young lady that works there what color I should choose and she told me I didn't want that product at all. I was like, "What?" She explained that minerals don't look good on brown and olive-tone skin; it makes us look ashy (a problem that a lot of us already have and don't need on our faces.) So I was like, "Okay, show me what you got," and she did! She showed me a line called Laura Mercier and it was wonderful! She helped me with an oil-free foundation, and a product called Secret Camouflage.

Girl you can't tell me that I don't look extra good now. My advice is: If you don't know ask an expert!


  1. April,
    You should try MAC I live by it and am always satisfied...

  2. Actually you should try Mary Kay or Soul Purpose. If applied correctly they do not make you look ashy. However a minral product is not recommended fro a person with Dry skin. they should you a moisturizer based foundation. You do need to use something to protect you from all the pollutants that we have in the world today.

  3. Minerals make you ashy?? Oh no, check out this I don't sell it, but I use it!!