Monday, March 3, 2008

Exercise, Yeah... Right!

I mean really! I just read an article on how people should be working out at least three times a week for thirty minutes in order to keep in shape. Okay, so are we going to add thirty more minutes to these already looooong days? Because I just don't have the time! I know that sounds like a cop out but why can't we count getting up early, getting yourself and everybody in your house ready for school and work, "working out" ?

I mean most of us are making breakfast, getting dressed, getting other people dressed, bending down trying to find gloves and hats, racing to the car, running back into the house because someone forgot their toy for "show and tell", running to the bus stop to drop the kids off, running after the bus because we are RUNNING LATE ... driving to work like crazy, trying to put on your makeup with one hand, while driving with the other( you must have excellent eye/hand coordination for this)... running up the stairs because the elevator takes too long, ripping off your coat as you run down the hallway and hurling yourself into your seat, before your boss comes down the hallway again looking for you.

Exercise!?! Yeah, Right... because after being at work all day (trying to work as fast as you can), it's time to go home and the rush starts all over again! Race to the car, drive like crazy to pick up the kids from aftercare so you don't have to pay the extra ten bucks a minute, race home... everyone is hungry - kids are acting like they haven't eaten ALL DAY! Make dinner, eat dinner, do homework, give baths, brush teeth, read a book, put the kids to bed, kids get up, put them back to bed, wash dishes, iron clothes, make lunch, take a shower, watch the news... time to go to bed!

I am probably in the best shape I have ever been in my life and I haven't exercised yet!

Peace & Blessings,


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