Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm A Political Expert!!!!

I have been obsessed with this election! My TV is constantly on CNN, MSNBC or FOX news. I constantly talk about it, read about it and watch the latest polls, It's so important that we all stay connected and know what's going on.

I find myself looking for openings in conversations to spew my new political knowledge, like when I get my groceries and the cashier and manager debate (no pun intended) over a price and finally have to call for a price check and I say, "What do we need a caucus or something?" As I smile an extra goofy smile proud of my political joke and wait to start the election conversation, she usually just looks at me uninterested and says, "$1.49, do you want it?" But so what I'm a political expert! Or when I'm at the newsstand, reading a paper(okay, this is not often but this is where we political experts hang) and I glance over to another customer and say, "I bet they'll have a comic book coming out called the Superdelegates, hahaha!" The response I always get is "Miss, are you next in line or what?" and let's not forget my overflow of knowledge when I go to the bank, "Whew the recession is killing my bank account, gotta make sure these delegates get to that convention and get us a new president!" the response, "Is there anything else we can do for you today Miss Fitch?" YES!!!TALK TO ME ABOUT THE ELECTION SO I CAN TELL SOMEONE WHAT I'VE LEARNED!!! But I just smile and say "No, thank you!"

No matter what, I will keep on spouting my new political knowledge! I am proud of this election and proud of myself for really taking the time to understand the process and get involved, I hope you do too! Oops, gotta go its time for Making the Band 4!!

(okay, so I'm not all the way there yet, but I'm working on it!)


  1. You gave a great interview on the radio. I think my wife will really like the product. On the political note-- I am supporting Obama because he stresses education and investment in research and technology more than what I hear from the others. The founders and other wise people through history have expressed that this country cannot exist without educated citizens that understand and appreciate their form of goverment, the political system, and most important our economic system. The more everyone understands things like the Federal Reserve and your money, the electorial college and voting, capitalism and freedom, and the link between our faith and creativity then we won't be surprised and reactive but aware and proactive. Getting Better All the Time!

  2. Dawn,

    You are so funny. Like you I have been listening to everything being said about the election. Good and bad. I am still convinced that our next president will be Barack Obama. His last speech just solidified everything that needed to be said.

  3. Dawn,
    Listen in order for anyone to be a political expert, all they have to do is sit at a table with Howard Fitch and Gregory Roberts and hey after that they will be able to debate with the best of them...