Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Love A Trendy Bargain!

Okay, has anyone been to Old Navy for the new spring line? I LOVE IT!!! Very cute and very.....CHEAP!!! The line has a "safari" theme, lots of fitted, belted jackets and print tops that will look so chic this spring. I bought a lot of things even the little slip in shoes and the clutch bag!! (okay too much time on my hands.)

I just love the fact that it's trendy and reasonably priced. I love to try to be up on the trends (and I know those of you who see me at the warehouse with greasy jeans and old t-shirts are thinking, "she is soooo not fashionable!" ) but I also know that I don't want to spend a lot on them because next season they'll be out, so these little fashion finds suit me perfectly. You've got to hurry because a lot of items are selling out and by the time the weather gets nice they won't have anything left, just that one last pair of size 5 shoes! (who wears those little sizes!)

p.s. Don't buy what I did, I want to pretend to be original, LOL!!!!! Alright, alright, if you do, don't wear it when you come to Pooka on Saturdays!!!!


  1. You are so right. I saw their commercial last week showing off their new line and I saw these cute safari shorts that I figured would go perfect with some nice sandals with a 2 inch heel (yes..I said 2', I'm only 5'1 and you need some height with those shorts!), and a nice free flowing top to let the "Summer Breeze, make me feel fine" I was so motivated that I started working out just so I can shed a few, inches from my waist, tone up my thighs and slap some body oil...(of course one of Pookas famous selections)on my legs and strut myself down the streets of Harlem looking like Safarai Jane, with a little urban chic!

    I know, I vain? But hey...who needs a better excuse to work out but than to look cute in some safari shorts?

  2. Girl!
    That is not vain at all!! Whatever gets us on that treadmill is a good thing, LOL!! I can't wait until we can debut our new spring safari looks, we're going to be fabulous!!!

  3. You are absolutely right! So far I have been working out everyday (I have to admit I did miss yesterday) but I made up for it today! And yes...we will look absolutely fabulous!!!!