Thursday, March 13, 2008

Everybody To The Shelter!!

I am currently attending a Disaster Recovery course as a requirement for my "day job". The information is very detailed. There is a lot of assigning, team building, risk assessment, relocation and contingency planning.

It made me wonder if all of us are as prepared in our personal lives for any sort of disaster. I am not talking about your local supermarket running out of your favorite ice cream. That would be a disruption... [I learned that in class today!] I mean some event that could cut us off from communication or our loved ones. Are you prepared?? Every household needs to make a disaster recovery plan. Do you have all of the necessities they tell you to keep in case of emergency? - flashlights with batteries that work, canned goods (with opener), plenty of water, first aid kit, duct tape [I never understood what that was for??], a battery operated radio, some cash [you can't depend on getting to the bank machine in an emergency].

Is there gas in your car people?? Your cell phone should always be charged. It is possible that it may not function though? Do you have a printed list of numbers which may be stored in your cell? Do you have a designated place that your family knows to meet, in the event of an emergency, if everyone is not reachable by phone? Do you have candles and matches in case of a blackout and plenty of blankets or warm clothes? [for winter time.] Do you have an emergency survival kit in the truck of your car?

Make copies of your important documents: social security card [which, I hope you all know you should never carry in your wallet], insurance papers, etc. and put them in a waterproof, fireproof safe.

These are just some ideas to start you thinking. Talk about this with your family to come up with your plan. Always remember to have plenty of your favorite snacks to make your temporary shelter feel like home!


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