Monday, March 17, 2008

Is Your Home Healthy?

In my travels around the web I found an interesting excerpt from the book, "The Healthy Home Workbook: Easy Steps for Eco-Friendly Living" by Kimberly Rider [whew, that's a mouthful]. I'm passing along a few of the tips in the hope that you will join me in going [light] green. Remember, I'm not telling you to start growing your own food and install solar panels [though, if you did it would be pretty cool] just find small ways to make a difference.

Leave Your Shoes At The Door - Rider's first tip is to leave our footwear, and all of the chemicals, germs and pollutants they attract, at the door so they don't get tracked into our homes and they may be funky [okay, that was from me].

Clean Your Closet - Not literally [unless you need it] but replace metal and plastic hangers with wooden hangers; they are better for your clothes and the environment [no Mommie Dearest here]. Also, "air out" the day's clothes and shoes and freshly dry-cleaned clothing. Rider advises airing out garments will keep the chemicals or pollutants from building up in your closet.

Let The Sunshine In - Open a window in your bathroom to reduce mold. Rider warns that increased moisture in the bathroom can result in mold which can increase allergies and worsen asthma symptoms. If privacy is an issue get a sheer curtain that lets light in and keeps out nosy neighbors - we don't want anyone all up in your business!

So there are three things you can do to make you and your home healthier. Do you have great light green tips? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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