Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well Pooka family, I’m back with another little story to share with you! You know how much I love and adore my parents, well this one is about(oops I mean for) them, LOL! Last weekend I went away and before I left I put my car in the shop with my dads mechanic. (Yes people since no one signed up for the Husband Car Co-op, my dad still has the job! ) I called my parents while I was away to check in and my mother informed me that my car was ready and parked right outside their house. That was a relief, I could really enjoy myself knowing that my car would be waiting for me when I got back. I returned home in a few days and called my parents letting them know I would be over in the morning to pick up the car. That night at about 11:30 my mother calls me and tries not to alarm me as she says, “DAWN!! Your car is gone! Somebody stole it!!” I shot straight up in my bed, “WHAT?!”, I screamed. “Your father went to empty the garbage and the CAR IS GONE!” she said. Now we’re all screaming and trying to talk over each other and I can hear my father screaming in the background, “Ahhhh KRINTE!”( Krinte which sounds like pint with a kr, is my fathers made up word that he used instead of all the bad ones that he would never say around us when we were younger, so when we hear “Krinte”, we knew he was….. MAD, LOL!) “ I can’t believe this Helen!! Who would steal THAT car! Why would they even want the parts for that thing(thanks dad!) That car has been there all week why would they take it now, it barely works, KRINTE!!!!” Now you have to understand my parents live in a very safe neighborhood, they don’t even have to lock their doors but now my mother is on the other line and begins mentally packin the house cause she is moving out of this now “BAD” neighborhood! With my dad ranting in the background I proceed to give my mother all of my insurance and plate numbers so they can call the police. Once the police arrive they begin asking my dad lots of questions, “Mr. Fitch, did you walk around and look for the car? Did the mechanic maybe take it back for more work? Did your daughter maybe pick it up?”. Now the “Krintes” were building up, he’s getting ready to blow, LOL! But he calmly lets them know that the care was there and now it’s NOT! My mother gives them the plate number and they take off and tell them they’ll call if they find anything. Now, I’m disgusted, its been a long time since I’ve been on the bus…. 20 minutes later my mom calls me back just to see how I’m doing and then we hear, “Helen the cops are back and they found the car, I’m going to check it out!”, my father screams. Now me and my mom are nervous, “Where are they taking him? Is it far? Is there danger? Has the car been totally stripped or vandalized?!!!!” Well my father got in the police car and do you know where they took him? To the other end of our block where the mechanic parked my car, LOL! It was a very short ride, as the police asked him, “Mr Fitch is this your daughters car?” Now the “Krintes” were a lot softer, barely audible and more in a tone of disgust……uh krinte………….yup………..thats it. Well it seems that when the mechanic finished the car he parked it right outside of his garage, but my parents saw an “Identical” car parked outside their house for a few days and assumed it was mine, so when the owner moved his car they assumed “my” car was stolen. Now the police just tell my father to get back in the car and they’ll drive him around the corner, but my fathers knees were aching and he couldn’t get back into the back seat so the police had to WALK MY DADDY HOME, LOL! So now my father has to get “walked” home by the cops through the neighborhood and while he was on his walk of shame, 2 young boys walked by and looked at my dad and asked if everything was okay! It’s nice to know that these young fellas were looking out for my dad but all he could say was, krinte……..
So once he gets home, we’re all having a good laugh and my mom says, “but it was the same car it even had the same last numbers of your plate, what are the chances of that?” um mom….NONE, LOL! All in all it was quite a little fiasco and my parents told me to hurry up and get my car, their babysitting days are OVER!


  1. Hilarious... :D

  2. You will have a good laugh about this at the next family get together.