Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Mind

Hey Pooka Family! Isn't it amazing how our mind works? This week my husband had a business trip to Boston. It was just for 1 night that Taiye and I were home alone, but as I was locking the doors it dawned on me..hey, my husband's not here. What if someone tries to break in? Now for those who know me, I'm the tough one! I'm not afraid of anything, but in that split second I felt a little vulnerable. It's not as if I didn't live in this house by myself for 8 years before we got married! So as I was winding down and falling asleep (with Taiye in the bed with me of course because if someone broke in I'd hide her in the closet while I battled them with my nine iron). Then I remembered; my husband put my golf clubs in the attic because it's been 3 years since I've gone golfing! Darn, okay, what can I use to protect me and my daughter? My second option was to grab that thingy that you use for the fireplace to move around the wood. But that's all the way downstairs, how will I make it down to get it without the intruder seeing me? Okay, plan C - I'll hide in the closet with Taiye, then when the intruder comes upstairs and opens the closet door, I'll spray him in the eyes with my POOKA Peppermint Foot Mist to blind him then I'll grab Taiye, run downstairs and out the door to my neighbor's house. Then I'll leave Taiye with my neighbor go back to the house grab that thingy from the fireplace and beat the crap out of him for breaking into my house, violating my space and waking up my daughter! That'll teach him! Boy how the mind works. So ladies, don't wait until you are home alone to devise your intruder alert plan! Do it now, so you can make sure your weapons are near your bed so you don't have to improvise!

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