Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Husband Car Co-Op!

Well family, I’m back again and as usual, thinking too much! Last week I joined Tricia and Taiye and her Hubby for dinner at her favorite place, PF Changs! I was prepared to drive and meet them there but they picked me up and drove, "fabulous"! I was able to sit in the back seat, relax and play with Taiye. When we got to the restaurant Hubs(as I’ll call him going forward) said he would drop us off in the front of the restaurant and park, unfortunately(for me) someone pulled out of a spot and he pulled in! “I guess I’m walking!” but the thought of being dropped off in the front was nice. It got me to thinking you married gals have it good! The only way I get dropped off in the front of a restaurant is if I drop myself off and just leave my car running in front! Once we got in the restaurant Hubs carried all the baby stuff in and ordered and then he walked the baby around before and after dinner and PAID while tricia and I relaxed! This is kind of nice, I had a borrowed Hubs for the day and that’s when the idea was born the “HUSBAND CAR CO-OP” now stay with me cause this could work out for all of us. As a single woman what do I really need a husband for(keep it clean people)MY CAR!!! Most of my single anguish comes from my car! Who will drive it when I want to sleep? Who will wash all the bird poop off? Who will park it when I want to go right in to the mall and the infamous who will change it’s oil when the light comes on(i've tried putting tape over the light so it doesn't bother me but that's not a good idea)?! Thinking back Donna’s hubbie, my dad and brother do lots of these things for me! So if you married ladies, donate your husbands automotive time to us single gals, just one week a year, we’d all be a lot happier! If I can find 47(I’ve already got 5!) women to donate one week a year I’m set for life!! What’s in it for you, you might ask? I promise to nag and annoy your husbands so much that they will come running back to you ready to work plus you ladies get a stress free week with no dirty laundry or cooking! I promise to show your husbands where the laundromat is and give them $5 a day for fast food! Come on all of your Mrs. out there find a single friend and donate a week! Single girls all over would be grateful and the world and our cars would be a happier place!

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  1. Dawn,
    There are single men, like myself, who know how to treat a woman. Why borrow a someone's husband, when you can have your own? Free of charge :)