Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Road Trip! Part 2!!

When we were in college Dawn and I became Omega Essences/Sweethearts/Pearls for the mighty mighty Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. This happened our freshman year (Party all the Time, Eddie Murphy) and needless to say there are a lot of stories from college that can't be printed here or anywhere else! Being the beautiful, sophisticated (single) women we are now,(I'm on my own, Pattie LaBelle) we decided to make the trip to the conclave. We are still friends with the brothers we helped cross the burning sands and our fellow Que-E sisters,(That's what friends are for, Dionne Warwick and friends) so we were excited to see everyone. I needed to make the most of my vacation away from my children, so we decided to stop off and see another friend in D.C. (Shout out to Terri!) We went out to dinner on U street the new happening spot in chocolate city. After staying up most of the night (talking and laughing) we hit the road again headed for North-Kack-a-Lack! Our girlfriend Vera came down with her husband who is a Que (Hey Juan, Love ya!) and we were ready to move! We went to a concert friday night (8th row center stage!) and saw EnVogue, ( Never gonna get it!) they were AWESOME!!!! Up next was Brian McKnight(start back with one) who was really good and he brought out his sons who sang and played the guitar with him! Love it! Rounding out the show was Frankie Beverly and Maze! (Before I let go!) We stood the whole time they played, Amazing!!!! The next day was like a family reunion, seeing brothers and sisters some of whom we haven't seen in years! We talked and laughed and hung out until the morning light. I have to say all of the brothers the ones we knew and the ones we had just met all were true gentlemen! We love you Omega Psi Phi!!! We will see you next year at the 100th Centennial!

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