Monday, February 18, 2008

Well my husband is at it again! Sometimes I welcome the information he passes on to me during his reading and research via the web, newspapers, magazines and television; then other times, I'd prefer not to be informed!

This time he read an article on about sushi and the effects it may have on woman regarding childbearing. Well I'll let you ladies in on a little secret..I am addicted to sushi! I eat sushi approximately 3 times a week. Sushi is the only food that I consume whereas after I've eaten it, I have no guilt! It's healthy, it's fresh (at least the restaurants I patronize), it's filling, and it tastes good! I love Sushi!

There's a sushi restaurant down here in North Carolina (where I am currently working Monday thru Thursday on my job where I'm still working for the "Man") that is fabulous! Everybody knows everybody by name i.e. the customers know the sushi chefs by name, the sushi chefs know the customers by name. It's like going to Cheers!

Nevertheless, it gives my husband pause that I am eating so much sushi. I told him that it's not all sushi that has high mercury levels (as stated in the article to be cautionary with regards to your intake) and it's not just sushi. It's also the cooked fish dishes i.e. Chilean Sea Bass, Salmon, Tuna. In spite of my plea, he still worries that my addiction may affect our ability to have healthy kids. Well, my response to him was, "I can forego having kids if I can continue to eat sushi." :)

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