Monday, October 27, 2008

Dad's Stump Speech!

Just sharing for all of the folks out there, you can’t stretch your gas tank.
Yesterday after a wonderful church service, I figured I would sneak out before the end to beat the rush. I ran to my car and started it up. Sputter, sputter , dead…………. Okay, I’m wracking my brain, wondering what happened even as the glaring check gage light is blinking, It can’t be that, I thought. My father is going to kill me, his childrens stump speech consists of #1. Stop going to the ATM 10 times a day keep some cash with you, #2. The ever popular “Bump and Run”, if someone hits your car at night and you’re suspicious keep going until you get to a safe spot and………….#3. Don’t let the tank get down to E! Great, I have violated life rule #3! I have to admit that the check gage light was on the night before, but in these hard economic times I’ve learned to judge exactly how long I can survive on E before pulling into the station. Unfortunately for me as I was told by the AAA guy, when you have a Ford and park on an incline it won’t start on low gas! That wasn’t in my manual! I was also informed by my(or should I say Tricia’s) AAA guy that If I had started the car and coasted down the hill the engine would have caught and I would have made it to a gas station. IS HE KIDDING! Now on top of everything I’m going to coast down a hill and pray that it starts, um………….no thanks. Well he gave me some gas and I drove sheepishly to the gas station, but when I got there I realized I had no cash, violating dad’s stump speech #1, so I decided to use my ATM card at the pump, which violated stump speech #4, don’t use your card at the pump anyone can get your number!. So folks if you ever see me rolling through an intersection, trying to coast to a gas station just pray for me! To add insult to injury now Donna and Lance are getting me my own AAA card for Christmas, yuck, I wanted some new boots!

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  1. Hi Dawn ....

    I was doing a bit of shopping at the Denver Cherry Creek Whole Foods today when I came across your 'Hair Butter'. I've been looking for a product to manage my dry hair for ages, and I know that olive oil lavender and particularly rosemary are supposed to be good for hair and scalp so I bought a jar.

    The thing is: what is the best (recommended) way to use 'Hair Butter'? Pardon my ignorance on the subject but I'm not too familiar with hair products beyond the ususal shampoo and conditioners!

    Love your web site by the way. You really seem to be a great family and an inspiration in your unity, vision, drive and ambition.

    Keep up the good work.

    Funny blog - made me laugh. Why is it that we never actually believe the gas gauge when it's telling us it really, truly and most definately IS empty? There can't be a person alive who hasn't experienced the denyal followed by disbelief as the car stutters and stammers and steadfastly refuses to start.

    By the way ... I got pulled over tonight for speeding but got off with a warning - closest I've ever come to getting a traffic ticket. Just thought I'd share that!