Thursday, July 23, 2009

Always "the Kids"!

Its funny even at_____ yrs old(LOL)my parents still think of Donna, Douglas and myself as "the kids". No matter what we do we still have that title. I used to laugh about this thinking, we're all responsible adults! I learned very quickly on my excursion to AC that thank GOD I was still the "kid" LOL! My parents got a room at the Water Club in Atlantic City for 2 days and asked if I wanted to tag along....."YES!", said the "kid". Unfortunately there was a lot of work piling up at Pooka and I told them that I probably couldn't get away. Sunday before they were leaving they called and said meet them at Pooka! They worked all day with the "kid" so I could go on their trip!!! On Monday I met them at their house and for some reason I turned into the "kid" for real! "When are we leaving?" "I'm hungry!" "Ahh...daddy has to stop at the bank!!!!" "You didn't get gas yesterday!?!?" As I flopped around in the back seat of the car I realized I was giving William and Wesley a run for their money!!! Eventually, luckily for my parents the "kid" fell asleep until we arrived at AC. Our first stop was to visit the spa where my father treated my mother and the "kid" to facials (Hey, mommy and me days aren't just for the little kids!) Afterwards, I quickly put on my swimsuit and went to the pool, deciding to meet my parents later. At the pool I ordered some lunch and when I went to pay they told me they charged it to the room. Wow this "kid" thing is workin! That night After our first day I was exhausted so I went upstairs by myself to go to bed. I had forgotten my contact case so I put my contacts into some drinking glasses with a note in front of them and just for extra security put a bottle of saline in front of the contraption. When I woke up the next morning and went into the bathroom I almost passed out as I saw the 2 glasses neatly cleaned on the sink!!!"Who used the glasses?" I screamed. My father cringed and said that we was disgusted that the hotel would leave dirty glasses out so he rinsed them and unknowingly sent my contacts down the drain. Well he must have thought if he blinded the "kid" I'd stay out of trouble but oh no I just whipped out my glasses and ran to get my comped (by my parents)breakfast! That afternoon I slipped right back to 5rs old, ordering things and charging it to the room, while my parents were downstairs I perused the mini-bar and snack items, before I knew it I had ripped open a box of junk food and ate it deciding to put the empty box neatly back in its place!(Hello! that's what kids do!) After my snack I went to the casino looking for my parents and realized that looking sad at the slots usually got me a $20 from my mom and breathing down my fathers neck while he played and saying, " should cash're up to 5 dollars..." usually got me a $20 and a beat it from him! We went out later and had a great dinner and I really did try to offer some cash but my father waived me off, at this point I was thinking about getting another tattoo saying "the kid forever!" Well I had the most fabulous time with my WONDERFUL parents. The next time they go somewhere they should choose an adults only place! NO "KID" ALLOWED!

Ps: please don't hold my bratty behavior against me the "kid" is a hard habit to break, LOL!!


  1. Hello Dawn,

    I was reading your "Always the kids!" article with such delight that I had to write. It's a beautiful thing to have both your parents around - alive and kicking-especially at your age(lol). Both my parents are gone and oh do I wish they were here - just so I can be a 'kid" at times too! Keep doing what you do girl and enjoy them when you can. I wish you well.


  2. Your blog had me cracking up! Especially the part about the contact lens (I wear contacts too)...I know the feeling! I am glad you guys had a good time and hey, the next time "the kid" wants to bring a friend, I got first!
    ~ Tonka