Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ladies I would just like to shed a little light on something, if you decide to work out and you work out hard, make sure you have enough money for surgery because after you lose the weight your gonna need it! I've been working out pretty steady for about the last two years, I didn't really notice any change in my body or my clothes. My 8's still fit and my legs didn't look any different then when I started but then about 3 months ago I started running and woosh! it was all gone! Yes I lost my boobies! They just ran off my body! I had also dropped two sizes (yep I'm a 6 now) and while that is all fine and well I want my boobies back! For me its almost like I lost an arm or a leg, I had to go out and buy new clothes and bras (No I'm not telling the size!) and while some people would say,"Oh thats still plenty big", its not to me. They were very much a part of me and now I feel lost without them. Yes I tried the push-ups,the push together,the pads, even tieing them together with a string but to no avail! So you will not find me running outside anymore or taking extra cardio classes, nope! I'll be at home on the couch eating icecream waiting for them to come back! LOL!

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