Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going Natural

Greetings Pooka Family! I greet you on this BEAUTIFUL day as we enter into the month of June! Okay family, so here’s the thing….like many of us (woman), I’ve made the decision to go chemical free with my hair. I have not had a perm in close to 3 years. However, I’m finding it challenging trying to decide what will be my new style for the summer. I usually go to the doobie shop and get a wash and blow-out but this past weekend I walked into the doobie shop on the Friday before Memorial Day and I just stopped and looked around me. There were at least 25 women sitting and waiting. Some were sitting under the hot dryers others were sitting waiting to be rolled. Well family, I turned around, put my little $20 back in my pocket and walked right out that door. At that point, I made the decision; I can’t sit up in here another summer afternoon! So now I’m faced with the challenge of deciding how I’m going to wear my hair if I’m not going to continue to do the blow out. Now family, you know us (Pookalitas); Dawn and I rock the European hair styles (straight blow out with bangs); Donna and April rock the Afro-centric styles (braids and afro). But now, I’m leaving Dawn behind and I’m going over to team Afro-centric! Donna said that she would do my hair in a style that is both cute and I can manage without going to the doobie shop every week. Now I know this is a process and it will take some time to fully transition into a style that fits me and my hair type so the next time you see me family, please be kind if my hair has not made the full transition yet.

Enjoy your summer Pooka Family!


  1. Congratulations on deciding to leave your hair natural. Chemicals destroy our hair. Look at alot of our chemical sister, thinning hair, disappearing hairlines, etc. Healthy no way. Dobie shops embrace kinks are ugly. Besides who wants to spend their precious day sitting under some heated thingy? And with all the heat what is really doing to our hair? I applaud you. . This comment is from the lady who did a youtube video about your wonderful products about 3 years ago. Blessings and regards, Toni

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your new look. Please post pictures as soon as you can so we can see how you are doing on your journey.