Sunday, May 1, 2011

Join us today online for the GRAND OPENING of our Facebook Boutique!

We’re happy to Announce the Grand Opening of our Facebook Boutique!

This Sunday May 1, we’ll be launching our Facebook Pooka Boutique! Now you’ll be able to get your pooka products right on our fanpage! We’ll be offering specials, sales and discounts to our loyal FB Fans, sooooo......better join facebook people!! We’ll be celebrating all day Sunday with product sales, games and specials! Make sure to check out the schedule below and
Join us for our Facebook Boutique Ribbon Cutting at 3:30pm Sunday May 1 on our Fanpage!!

Ribbon Cutting Festivities
Entire Store 20% off!

Guava Mango Butter

Interviews, Testimonials and of course it will be on sale for $7.00

Treasure Hunt!

One product in our store will be on sale for $5.00 for 15 minutes, you find it and stock up!

All Whipped Up!

All Whipped Creams will be 10% off!

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