Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Auntie Dawn (kicks) Rocks!

Well Pooka family I just wanted to share with you my Auntie Adventures! You know I pride myself on being a cool, fun Auntie Dawn! Aprils boys were easy, a little rough-housing, piggy back rides, wrestling and I was Super Auntie, then feed them and I was GOLD, you all remember my original post, AUNTIE ROCKS. So of course now that Tricias', Taiye is here, I figured all I needed to do was be me and once again, AUNTIE would ROCK!!! But, Taiye is a tougher cookie than the boys cause at 2yrs old shes a little woman just like us! I have to work harder with Taiye cause shes not gonna just fall for the old slippin on a banana peel joke that the boys did. So let me share how I may be deleted from her AUNTIE roster! I went with Tricia to pick up Taiye (pronounced tie-a) from daycare! She was happy to see me and I got my auntie hug! We went to the park and she was so excited! Tricia sat on a bench to change her shoes, while Taiye and I tried to decide what she wanted to try first, her eyes lit up at the slide! So I took her little hand and we climbed up the stairs to the slide, now this is where it all went horribly wrong people! Taiye sat down and I screamed to tricia and asked, "Can she go by herself? " I had no clue, being an auntie i wasn't sure when kids developed these little skills. Tricia shouted out, "Yeah she's fine". But i was nervous so I asked again and Tricia said, "She can do it!". Still needing just that one last bit of confirmation I said, "Are you sure?!" and Tricia said, "YEAH SHE DOES IT ALL THE TIME!" ( she forgot to mention that she never did it at this park on this slide). As I let my hand go from her little jacket, she took off like a rocket! Now Taiye was wearing a velour sweat suit and it was a metal slide, ENOUGH SAID. She flew down that thing like I shot her out of a cannonball. It was like slow motion, I watched as our little Taiye flew off the slide and landed in a pile of leaves, dirt and twigs!!!! She landed on her side and I was still way on the top of the slide, when I looked at her all I saw was her back, she was face down in the twigs, I froze. Then Taiye rolled over onto her back, her little body forming an x, and with twigs in her mouth she looked up and just stared at me for what seemed to be an eternity, I could see in here eyes she was mentally stringing together all the baby curses she could muster.."You son of a Elmo, what the Teletubbie was that?!!!" then......she CRIED like nobodies business! I hurried to get down the slide and Tricia came over and said, "I didn't realize the bottom of this slide was high". WHAT!! I HAVE DESTROYED ALL CREDIBILITY WITH THIS CHILD!!! I was devastated and I could feel the other "mommies" looking at me like and idiot, I even looked at one woman that was staring me down and said, "You heard me ask her, i asked her if she could do it!". The woman just shook her head and walked away. I know there were other "aunties" there in the park who were ashamed of me, so I hung my head low. I went to Taiye and asked her how she was feeling and she gave me the baby hand! She had no love for me at all. I kept trying and she just stared at me, I could see it in her eyes, she thought I was a straight BARNEY! Well the rest of our park visit was less than spectacular as she tried to act like she was alone with her mom, I've never been ignored like that (well...maybe, LOL). I texted Tricia later that night and asked her how Taiye was feeling and she said she asked Taiye if she had a good time with Auntie Dawn and Taiye said NO....AUNTIE DONNA!!! So now I throw down the guantlet, Auntie Donna I will reclaim victory!

Ps We all went out on Mothers Day and I spent 45 minutes pretending I didn't see Taiye sitting in her chair and then I would pretend to sit on her. She laughed the whole time and I thought I was good, called Tricia that night, to see if I got an honorable mention, but Tricia said that night in her prayers she mentioned AUNTIE DONNA!! I should have sat on her for real!!!!

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