Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Greetings Pooka Family!
Heading home early today because they just evacuated my job. This is my day job. Don't worry, Pooka is open for business! This evacuation though made me think about our daily lives and the world we live in. Bomb threats, evacuations, body searches, armed police. This is what working people get to experience on their daily commute everyday. Are we safe(I pray on that). Will I make it home and back (I pray on that too). We have to be diligent (see something, say something) but we have to continue to live our lives family. We must follow our purpose and our plan. Now more than ever. We must not adopt a spirit of fear but must realize how truly precious each day is. So to my fellow commuters keep your eyes open, your head up and your spirit bright....the weekend is just around the corner!

Peace Family!!

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