Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Foodie’s Guide to Dinner-Part 2!!

Greetings Family!
Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather!! During my last blog I shared some foodie short cuts that I find helpful in my cooking life. I promised to share my favorite kitchen tools that I can’t live without. These tools make me feel like all of the next top chefs rolled into one lol! They help me feel like I am doing a live demonstration right in my kitchen. You can’t tell me I’m not cooking!!

Tongs-Let me tell you. These are THE best cooking utensil to have in your kitchen. (Thanks to my brother Douglas who gave them to me one Christmas!!) It is actually time for a new pair. They are just fabulous!! You don’t have to touch meat or fish with your hands and you don’t have to worry about getting burned because the long handle can go into the pan so your fingers don’t have to. You can easily pick up your food to transfer from pan to plate. You can use them when breading anything and no messy hands. Can you feel my love of the tong!! Most of all they make me feel like Chef Lynn lol!

Plastic sandwich and freezer bags-I honestly can’t live without these. They are the best storage solution for everything! I put leftover cut veggies from my salad in the sandwich bags. More convenient (and cheaper) than foil and seal keeps them fresh. Next salad all my veggies are together in the same bag. Veggies, onions, garlic, cut fruit; everything goes in a bag until next time. When I wash my fresh herbs I wrap them loosely in paper towel and then store in larger freezer bags in the fridge. I put salad dressing in them when bringing salad to work or anything with a dressing. Seal holds tight and I don’t have mushy food for lunch! Get the bags on sale family and I promise you will use them all the time. Oh yeah, I use them for sandwiches and snack foods too!

Glass and ceramic containers-Ok, are you noticing a “storage” theme here. I never met a leftover I didn’t like!! We shouldn’t really use the microwave people, (that’s a whole other blog!) but if you do you should never microwave plastic. Very bad for you. Toxins from the plastic containers go into your food. So…if you must, always use a glass container. I have some great round glass bowls with lids (Crate and Barrel only on sale or Target or Walmart!!) My other favorite storage would be from QVC!!!! The line is called Temptations and they are fab! This discovery is thanks to my wonderful Mother who has her own phone number for QVC lol! (Hope my Dad doesn’t read this!) Anyway, my Mom gave me a set when I got married and I have been adding to my collection ever since. They come in a variety of sizes and beautiful patterns and go from freezer, to oven, to table, to fridge. Can’t beat that.

Mini chopper-I have had my chopper for so long and surprised it still chops!! I am not taking about a Cuisinart I am taking about a mini chopper with two speeds that you can get in Walgreens for $19.99! Perfect for garlic, onions and celery or herbs!!

Well family these are just some of my kitchen favs. Hope you find them helpful and happy cooking!!


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