Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Shero!

I've always liked Vivica Fox. She always played the roles I would have if I had taken my acting career seriously,(LOL) ya know being Will Smith's girlfriend in Independence Day, a femme fatale in Kill Bill volume 1 or the sassy younger sister in Soul Food. She's been in numerous movies, television shows and specials. She always seems to play the sister who is tough, don't take no stuff and smart as a whip. A person who knows how to play the game and get others to play with her. ( Which is how I imagine her to be in real life!) Now she is about to become a married woman again! That's right! Ms. V who is 46 is marrying a 27 year old club promoter. He gave her an eight-carat ring. (Didn't know promoters were balling like that!) Vivica has brought in her new year the way a lot of women want too; lots of money and a permanent honey! Go Vivica ! I see your work, I gotta make me a couple of Mil first though....Yo everybody buy some Pooka!

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  1. LOL-I enjoyed this post. I will continue to buy pooka because you have great product.s
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