Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting to know the Pookalitas! What reality show would you go on and why?

What reality show would you go on and why?

Do you have to ask?? The Apprentice of course!!! So I can make Donald Trump wear Citrus Basil Elbow Grease!!

Shark Tank (although they canceled it). As an entrepreneur I'm always interested in other people's entrepreneurial endeavors.

I would love to go on the Amazing Race! How cool would that be to go racing all over the world? Dawn won't go with me though! LOL!

Because I am a foodie it would of course be a food related show. I would love to be on Cupcakes Wars. It is not too cut throat and you get to eat the prize!!

What reality show would you go on????

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  1. Being a serial entrepreneur, just want to let you, I am really impressed with the progress and style of Pookas' execution. I would go on Brick city because I am from Brick City or Bachelor because I am done with this life style. As an entrepreneur, I would of course want to start my own show and call it "Start Up". I follow Pooka for my pilot episode.