Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The most important oil of all.....

Pooka family today I would like to discuss the most important oil of all! i’m always trying to tell you about oil benefits and which ones are best for you, well let me tell you the WINNER! MOTOR OIL!! Yes this is yet another blog about the life and times of my car, LOL! Let me rewind, I said this year no resolutions but after reading tricias’ blog 2011 A New Year I decided, this year my big goal will be to work on my procrastination, I mean really work on it! Now fast forward to my truck, which by the way is overdue for an oil change by 2000 miles! yup, 2000!(don’t tell my dad) So every morning i get into my car and I'm in a hurray as usual, i look at the sticker reminding me that i’m overdue and i say to myself “Dawn, this week oil change!” and then I drive off. Well yesterday morning I started the car and let her warm up, said my oil change speel and peeled off. As i’m driving I look in my rear view mirror and I realize I’ve got to get my car washed cause my window is foggy! But as I drove more I realized the fog was coming out of my exhaust. So what did I do? Drive faster of course, maybe I could burn it out with speed. At the next light while looking in the rearview mirror a driver on the opposite side beeped at me to let me know that smoke was now coming out of my hood! Now i’m in trouble, I didn’t want to stop because I was close to a gas station so again, I put the petal to the metal! Now as i’m rounding the corner I look over at my glove compartment and what do i see, SMOKE! coming out the the glove compartment and I hear sizzling like bacon in a hot frying pan(turkey bacon of course)! Now I’m really panicking, is the car on fire? is it gonna blow up? I finally made it to the gas station and lifted the hood, it looked like an oil explosion under there. The mechanic pulled it into the garage and they let me know that I had a massive oil leak and I wound up paying $450 to fix the leak and clean the engine! Now, If i had gotten my oil change when I was supposed to they may have found the leak and it probably would have cost me about $40 and I wouldn’t have been traumatized driving a burning truck through my city! I also could have pulled over if i had remembered to renew my AAA. Lesson Learned!!! So now when I get into my truck I don’t have to say “Dawn this week oil change” instead I look at the Jan 2011 registration sticker in my window and say “Dawn gotta get an inspection!” I’m a WORK IN PROGRESS PEOPLE!!!!


  1. You continue to amaze us all with your fascinating
    stories. You certainly need a Reality Show; you
    have enough story lines for a full season.

  2. Girl, I hear you! Been there, done that. I used to skip oil changes all the time, until one day, like you, I was stranded on the side of the road. I thanked God for AAA, and it never happened again. I think you will never skip an oil change again, and you'll probably not forget to renew your AAA. By the way, I agree with the person above. A reality show would be great!