Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Daniel Fast

Greetings Pooka Family!

I want to share what has been a truly wonderful life changing experience. It is awesome so I wanted you, my family to have the same experience. A few weeks ago I started the Daniel fast with my Pooka sisters. Tricia’s church began this fast quite appropriately at the beginning of the year. April’s church was also doing the same so Dawn and I decided to join in and fast together. This is not a fast for diet but for spirit! The fast lasts for three weeks. Tricia’s church also incorporated what they call the hour of power. While fasting you spend 15 minutes on the following: spirit (reading the bible, listening to inspirational music), mind (doing a crossword puzzle, learning something new), health (exercising the body) and finance (balancing your check book, make a daily budget). All of the areas we need to focus on to make this our best life (thanks for the phrase Oprah!!) During the fast which is patterned from the book of Daniel you are not to eat sugar, meat, dairy, bread, nothing white (rice or pasta), nothing fried and you only drink water. Basically you are eating all the fruit and veggies you like! We went to the supermarket so we would be prepared to begin our fast. Now family this takes a lot of discipline especially from a foodie like me who enjoys all things food! I will admit that week one was very challenging but then something happened. We started not to think so much about the food. We checked in to encourage each other every day. We shared recipes and daily inspiration and slowly our focus began to change which was exactly the point. Our study of the spirit became deeper and we focused on that word and the areas in the hour of power to help us grow. We are heading into our last week…actually April’s church ends their fast in February. Go April! We each have our moments sometimes. You don’t realize how much we eat, think, and talk about food. How so much of our socialization is centered on food! This fast has changed me for good. I have discovered some wonderful healthy recipes to incorporate into my everyday life. I am not going to become a vegan right now but I am going to be eating like a healthy foodie should because I know I can do it!! More important than the food, this fast has shown me that if I trust and focus on Him then I can do anything I put my mind to family!! This is something I of course already knew but this fasting experience truly helped me to focus living that truth. That is awesome news!! I encourage everyone to give this fast a try to give you clarity for all that you want to accomplish. I also ask my Pooka sisters to share their fast experience with all of you. What a wonderful way to begin this New Year. Won’t you join us Pooka family!

Peace Donna

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  1. Donna fasting is awesome we have been fasting over Lent with our church for the past five years and I look forward to it each year. It renews your spirit, cleanses your body and strengthens your faith. Keep it going there are many blessings in store for you!