Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gettin Personal with the Pookalitas!! Do you think the economy is getting better?

Do you think the economy is getting better?

I do believe the economy is getting better despite the media rhetoric of a possible new recession with in the next 3 years.

Actually, I do. Usually at Pooka the summer is a very slow period, but this year was actually pretty good. I think we're in the thick of the recession and people realize they're surviving so they're not as nervous.

The economy will get better when I get a job!

I think it is heading in that direction but we have a way to go. My cost to commute has increased 25%! As most states are feeling the burden it gets passed down to the consumer. I am just more aware of what I am spending.

How do you feel about the economy? Are you still worried?

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