Thursday, September 16, 2010

Business Trip!

Hey Pooka Family! I am writing this blog while sitting on a plane staring at the back of a man's head (why do men usually go bald at the top of their heads) on my first business trip without Taiye! This is actually my third business trip since I started back to work in March. The first trip, Taiye and Wale went with me to Oregon. Wale wanted to check out Portland because he's mentioned on more than one occasion that he likes the northwest climate and we may be moving there in the next 5 years (yea, right! I can't see Taiye and me going that far away from her Aunties). The second trip was to Atlanta and just Taiye went with me but we have a lot of family there so she stayed with them while I went to my business meetings. Now it's just me...without my baby...away for 3 days and 2 nights. Surprisingly, I'm not too nervous. She'll be at day care during the day and they take great care of her. In the evenings my husband will pick her up and warm up the dinner that I cooked dinner for both of them. Can you guess what I made?..yep, chicken and rice! I told you that's my standby meal and it can last up to 3 days! I laid out her clothes; Miss Erica at Day Care loves to do her hair, so with all that, I'm not too nervous about leaving her. My main concern is for my husband and how he will manage with her throughout the night. You see, Taiye still nurses at night. She is used to turning over and having her milk on demand. So the nighttime will be the challenge for her (not having the boob), for my husband (because she is going to scream bloody murder not getting the boob) and for me (because my boobs are going to swell up with so many milk ducts that it will feel like they will burst). I am prayerful that we all will be able to manage this short trip away for Mommy. Keep us in your prayers Pooka family!

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