Thursday, September 23, 2010

For the Love of Food!

Greetings Pooka family! Now you know that I am both president and vice president of the National Food Association lol! All things food are right up my alley…reading cookbooks, watching the food network, cooking, EATING!! As a Foodie I have recently encountered an experience that I don’t know how to perceive. It is both perplexing and disturbing to me. If I had not personally experienced what I am about to share I may not have believed it! I was waiting in line outside of the subway station for the shuttle that takes me over the bridge to my day job. A woman, who I had never seen before, came up on line behind me and we nodded good morning to each other. Now I noticed that she had in her hand a very large iced something and a bag which I assumed contained the rest of her breakfast. Now she was juggling this cup and bag in her two hands and as a result she dropped the breakfast bag on the ground. Now family when she dropped the bag the remainder of her breakfast fell to the ground. It was the most delicious looking croissant I had ever seen, it was light and crispy and my fellow Foodies…it was filled with chocolate! We both looked down on the ground at her half eaten croissant and stared at in for a minute or two as we both mourned the loss together of her culinary treat. I looked up at her with empathy and told her that surely that was the best part that was now lying on the ground. She couldn’t even speak but nodded in agreement as she leaned down to pick up her remains. She looked around for a garbage can but none was present where we were standing. She then put the remainder of the croissant back in the bag where it had fallen from. She then shrugged her shoulders and put up her hands as if to say oh well, sometimes things happen or tomorrow I will have to get another croissant. But family I realized that is not what that shrug of her shoulders meant. For at that moment she reached down into the bag and pulled off a piece of that heavenly croissant…….AND SHE ATE IT!!! No kidding family!! I stared at her with my mouth wide open. I wanted to say REALLY???? I understood about not wasting food or the 10 second rule (but remember we mourned the loss of her croissant for at least 1 minute!) Was this the fiercest Foodie I have ever meant or was she just merely disgusting lol! Is there any food that I have such passion for that I would eat it from the ground of the platform outside of the NY city subway. Sorry family…..can’t think of anything. I have pondered this middle aged woman, who seemed polite and was nicely dressed. What would make her eat that and not care that I saw her do it!! Oh well family. I guess you never know what some people will do for the love of food!

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