Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm....a DONC-ER!!

As you all know by reading Tricia’s earlier Blog, she has begun taking hip hop class. She has been trying to get me to come and finally I went. My first class I was HOOKED! Now I’m not saying I was good, I’m saying I was hooked. Tricia used to tell me how hard it was, but I just thought to myself, “Tricia, hip hop is my middle name, JayZ stays on my ipod.” I humored her knowing that everyone can’t be down with Jayz! As I waited for the music to begin in class, I stretched a little and sized up the rest of the ladies, “Oh, it’s on” I thought. As the music started, I took a deep breath and began to channel my inner Beyonce…”Inner beyonce, ACTIVATE!!” and who came out? My innerBetty White! Hey I went with it though Betty White still has some moves in her!!! As I battled my way through my first class, I was disgusted with myself. When I got to my car, my radio came on and I knew that I deserved no good tunes, so I turned on an easy listening station and drove out with my head hangin low! When I got home I was determined to go to class next time and do better so I figured If I wanted to be good I had to LIVE the part! We all remember FAME and the beginning where Debbie Allen says, “You want fame, well right here is where you start payin” I knew what I had to do! If you’re going to be a “Dancer” then you must look the part. Now I wear leg warmers and ripped sweatshirts hanging off of one shoulder!(Very 80’s dancer but still….DANCER!!!) I went to the mall and purchased sparkly sneakers, when I talk to people I tell them that I’m……A DONC-ER (You have to pronounce it that way for more effect!) My mother will ask me if I’m going to the gym for class and I quickly tell her it’s not class it’s “REHEARSAL”! Once you truly become a DONC-ER people will ask you to perform at the drop of a hat! During our memorial day BBQ the family asked me and Tricia to do our routine. ARE THEY CRAZY!!! WE COULD GET HURT!!! As a DONC-ER you can’t just perform whenever someone asks, don’t take any unnecessary chances of twisting an ankle(or getting laughed at, LOL). I have to say that it’s been at least 9 classes and now when I channel my inner Beyonce, she still doesn’t show up but neither does Betty White! When I enter class and look at the other ladies, there’s a dancer respect, they nod at me and I nod back, then I pull up my leg warmers and get to work!(Caution: you can lose consciousness from wearing leg warmers in the summer!!) If you really want to check me and Tricia out, our class will be doing a live performance on June____ at _____in ________, NJ!!!! Yeah, you fill in the blanks cause we won’t, LOL!!!!!!

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