Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well if you have been following my blogs you know by now my family has moved to Cary, North Carolina. For those of you who have never been or haven't been in the last ten years North Carolina is definitely not the North Carolina you used to visit or hear about. We live in a wonderful community where everyone is from somewhere else, (New Jersey, New York Idaho, yeah Idaho) and the people are very friendly. We have a club house with three pools, a full size indoor basketball court, a playground, a gym and numerous activities. I love it! My kids love it! Even though we have an ongoing battle against bugs coming into our house we are pretty pampered. Until HE slidered across our path! Now I'm the kind of girl who is always prepared for action, I don't know if its because of my love for action movies (Aliens, Terminator, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,Jurassic Park,Star Wars,The Matrix, Predator, Kill Bill,Independence Day the list goes on and on!) I always imagine myself in the starring role, saving mankind. I even have a special wardrobe: Jeans, Sneakers, Hoddie, Cap and leather jacket. This ensemble is good for jumping from planes,fighting against aliens,surviving a shipwreck etc. Food: I will always carry some kind of food and bottled water with me. (I have other things in a special getaway bag) So whenever you see me dressed and carrying a duffle bag I must be chasing some action. One day I was walking home from the pool with my son Will and my neighbor Tanya and her daughter. We decided to walk back home by the lake path. Now this is a beautiful lake that connects two properties it doesn't go around the lake just across it.with benches for you to sit and look at the water while your thinking about your life. Will is on his bike and he's ahead of us as we walk around a little curve in the path immediately we see it. SNAKE It was lying there in the middle of the path with its head up, like a little statue. It was facing in the direction of my son, so my guess was that he zoomed past it (of course he didn't see it) and it was startled. Will started to ride back towards us and I shouted at him not to,because the snake was between us and him. It was long and green and we had no idea what kind of snake it was.I immediately went into action mode. Okay now what did Jennifer Lopez do in Anaconda to kill the snake? Samuel L Jackson had a gun on Snakes on a Plane, (No gun)so that's out. We didn't think that we could probably just walk around the snake and he would have been alright with that. I didn't want Will to ride his bike back down the path, what if the snake bit him on his leg and it was poisonous and I had to suck the poison out of his leg, how fast is this snake? should I run zig zag or straight when it comes to attack me? A million thoughts ran through my head. I don't have jeans or sneakers on, he can bite my toes and my legs, I can't even kick him! What do I do? I have to save my baby and my neighbors! I picked up a rock and threw it at the snake......I wasn't trying to hit him just make him move.Will starts yelling at me," Ma why are you trying to hurt the snake he didn't do anything to you! (Of course he didn't realize I was trying to save his life) Well the snake didn't move, I threw another one, nope, another one, nada. My neighbor said maybe its dead, Nah I said I think he knows that they are only rocks and can't really hurt him.(At this point I'm trying to hit him but I'm a lefty with a bad arm)So now I'm out of rocks and the snake is still standing there, what could I possibly do? Tanya hands me a water bottle, try water she says, I take the top off and inch up closer to the snake and throw some water on him, he flinches, I got him now! I throw the rest of the water on him.Give me more water I cry! The snake finally thinking its raining on him turns and slinks back into the grass. We run past the spot with me still throwing water at the grass. Of course we cracked up about it afterwards, two grown women running from a little green garden snake, but I live by the Boy Scout Code: Always be prepared. This is a picture of the snake we battled with.


  1. This is the funniest story I ever read. April, you have me ROTF

  2. That is too funny! Welcome to the triangle!!! :)

  3. This is a great story! I moved to NC (Raleigh) 3 years ago also from NJ (Edison) but before then I grew up in DC so I'm a city girl like no other.

    Let me tell you if that had been me...i would have crumbled and ran back the other way. If it was my son in the path, OH gosh... i would have told him to keep going the other way as fast as he could and I'd meet him. YOU GO GIRL!

    ok so I'm a lefty too and don't throw very well either.