Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Afro Power!!!

Greetings Family! I just wanted to remind everyone that I am 8 months and counting of being perm free!! I am very proud of myself. I admit that any change is not always easy, so I am trying to find my style in this new natural world. I must share a story that has helped me to know that I am on the right track. I travel by NYC subway on my way to work each day. Last week as a walked through the station I saw the familiar newspaper men. They greet the commuters every morning with “Good Morning sir!” “Have a blessed day miss!” “The paper is free. Don’t be afraid to take it!!” I can always count on them, even when I can’t count on the subway. Well this particular morning I saw two or three of my newspaper friends huddled together. What was happening this morning? Was one man trying to take another’s spot? Did they run out of papers? Who is that new guy? Family, I was all in it lol! Well because I was staring so hard one of the newspaper men caught my eye. When I realized I was busted I quickly turned my head and kept on my way to work. Well family, it doesn’t pay to be nosy. All of a sudden, from behind me I hear yelling through the NYC subway……I SEE YA FOXY BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Family……………OMG!!! Ok, maybe he is not talking to me. Maybe there are other sisters on their way to work with big afros! But no, I knew he was talking to me!! I slowly turned around and Jerome (probably not his real name) screams…..YEAH YOU!!!!!! I SEE YA FOXY BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Extra big cheese burger smile included) Well family, I couldn’t help but crack up and smile right back at Jerome. He made my day and I have been telling this story ever since. He appreciated my afro and I appreciated him. So I dedicate my blog to all the Jerome’s getting their hustle on in the subway every day. Keep doing your thing. Power to the people Jerome!!

Love Foxy Brown

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  1. Donna I am also wearing an afro and loving it I to have been called foxy brown and Pam Grier it's been about 3 months since I have been wearing my afro please share with me what you use on your hair.

    Cheryl Dorsey