Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trash Talk!

Okay Pooka family! One of my many pet peeves is TRASH!! I can chase people down for throwing trash on the ground! I just don’t understand that mentality! How could you just throw garbage on the ground! Let me tell you about some of the things I’ve seen lately!!! I was at a light and there was a car parked on the street in front of me, I’m sitting there waiting and out of the drivers side window comes an empty bag of McDonalds!! He threw it right on the ground! I was devastated and he knew it when I drove by (really fast) and let him have it with a pumping fist! Then,
just last week, again I’m at a light and see a young boy about 7 kicking a box, not a small box, a box about 14 x 14 filled with papers. He’s kicking it all over the side walk leaving a trail of trash. Then he kicks it and says, “Ma, kick it back!”. Did he just say “Ma!” well when I turned around his mother was there and I was waiting for her to black out on him and you know what she did, SHE KICKED IT BACK!!! Where AM I??? AM I IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!!
We have got to do better! We have to teach our children(and moms!) to respect our environment and communities! I plan on getting a mask sort of like the Lone Ranger and becoming the Trash Bandit, so before you think about throwing it down, you better make sure I’m not lurking around that tree, LOL!! (Def. need the mask so no one beats me down, hahahahha)

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