Thursday, May 13, 2010

Organic is not a Bad Word!

Hey everyone, me again!

Since I started my healthy living journey I’ve been trying to eat “organic”. I know many of you just rolled your eyes. :) I see you. When some of you come by our warehouse in New Jersey and I offer organic turkey or organic cookies or soy milk you look at me like I’m crazy [I am, but that’s not the point]. I think the problem “organic” has is marketing… somehow it doesn’t sound tasty or good for you but, it’s the exact opposite! I’m going to start my own “Go Organic” campaign to help!

Organic means the food has no pesticides or chemicals added… that’s it [See! Good for you!] It’s not food made in a test tube or cloned or some other man-made thing! So, if you drink organic milk it just means the cow was allowed to graze on grass that had not been treated with pesticides and that the cow hadn't been given steroids or hormones [not good for athletes or Elsie!] The cow was allowed to eat and grow naturally, which means that any milk or beef that you get is chemical free and better for you! Organic cookies… all of the good stuff minus the chemicals!

So… I think we all want to be a bit healthier and the next time I offer you something organic, EAT IT!!!! LOL!! It will probably taste better and be better for you. Now, on the other hand, if you declined my organic recipes because I'm just not the best cook yet then forget this whole post, hahahahah!

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  1. Greetings to you, my name is Sister Aasiyah (Viola) from East Orange NJ. This site rocks. I have a Pooka bookmark and decided to go onto your site. Glad I did. I have a non yeast bread product that is organic. I use organic Spelt Flour. Have for over ten years now. Would you be interested in helping promote the use of this very versatile grain? I am in need of some help in the area of promoting. Also, do you do wholesale? My husband is looking for products to vend. Thanks and keep it going girrl.