Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Trails to you!

Pooka Family, after working hard for many years my mom is retiring! My mother has been in the banking industry for as Iong or longer than I have been alive! My mother is all about the numbers baby, she can count the money in your piggy bank just by looking at it. She knew how much change she should get before the cashier gave it to her and they better not be wrong either way because she would let them know. My mom is superbad when it comes to math, everybody was always coming to her when they needed help with anything dealing with money or numbers. But alas we all have our achilles heel, one of her hardest jobs was trying to get her kids to learn it! You would think that one of us would be born with her amazing ability to count in our heads?..... Not. But that doesn't stop my mom from giving up hope though, even to this day. I talk to my mother about helping Will with his homework, and she would say, "Oh your helping Will with his math? " Yes mom,...... (I just use a calculator now, WHATEVER!)

One of my favorite memories was when I was in the fourth grade and we had a career day at school. I asked my mom to come. (No disrespect to you Dad, but mom's job sounded cooler.) I sat there proudly as my mom, looking and sounding professional talked about working in a bank. There were lots of questions afterwards and my mothers time was up, but I hadn't been able to ask my own question. "Mom,mom what is money made of?" I blurted out. Mom said," I'll tell you at home." Well my mother never did tell me, I don't know if I forgot or she did! (I now know, I goggled it). She has always been right there when her family or her job needed her, so we salute you mom, thank you for loving us, taking care of us and showing us that hard work and determination do pay off! We love you!

(P.S.) I think the math gene skipped a generation, all of the grandkids are better at math than we were!

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  1. Hey April, awesome post honoring your mom!! I congratulate her too along with your family for her years of dedication in banking. Please let me know when her retirement event is being held because, I would like to be in da house!!! :)