Thursday, April 22, 2010

For the love of….. Hair!

Greetings Pooka family. We have not chatted in a minute and sometimes it only takes a minute for something to change. Well maybe that is not entirely true. I guess in reality it has taken me a lifetime to decide what to do with my hair! Our hair. “Good”, “bad” or just trying to be in a pony tail minding its business. When I think of how many hours I have spent in my life worrying about my hair it is absolutely insane!! I have let so many hands touch my scalp; I have gone to places I had no business going to get my hair done! I have cut, curled, dyed and fried my hair. It is a miracle it hasn’t protested by deciding to walk straight off my scalp. Although after that one bad dye job, when I wanted my hair the same color as Beyonce’s before Beyonce even thought about it. Some of my hair did decide to take a hike! I have finally decided…..ENOUGH! Family I am six months and counting with no relaxer. My name is Donna and I am perm free!! I am giving my head, hair and mind a rest. I have a curly, twist thing happening right now. It is definitely different and I am still getting used to my new natural look. It is going to be fabulous to be fuss free for the summer. But most important I am giving my hair a much needed break. What will I do with all of these free hours that I used to devote to my hair? Hmmm…..the weather is changing. I think it’s time to get back to working on my backyard oasis!!


  1. Hi,
    Funny you should mention a no fuss summer. I am 2 months post relaxer. I actually did the "Big Chop"(10-inches) two day ago. I am totally loving my new found "GOD" given curls. All 1 inch on them(lol)! Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Donna!

    This is your NC #1 Pooka Fan, Annette. Hope that all is well with all. You and I had discussed the natural hair thing at Women's Empowerment. Once again, it has been since September 2009 since my last relaxer. I have been wearing a weave to allow my relaxer to grow out (gotta keep my length), but it comes out Saturday! I'm so excited! I would love to see a picture of your style. So, I'll be looking for it. Take care!

  3. Hey Donna! I've been natural since moving to California, almost four years now. I absolutely LOVE my natural hair and the versatility of it. The wash & go is my summer favorite. WOOHOO!!!!!

  4. Hi Dona!
    Hooray for the natural. Our hair has always been beautiful!!!
    Stay blessed.