Thursday, April 15, 2010

My first steps!

Hello Pooka Family! This week I woke up and the sun was shining through my window and I was INSPIRED!!! I usually do a little morning yoga but today I decided to throw on my sneakers and go to the park and RUN!!! Just RUN!! I wanted to feel the wind on my face and feel the fresh air in my lungs!!! I did a little stretch, put on my ipod and started my sprint…Ahhh…………..I’M FREEE!!!!!!!!! FEELIN GOOD!!! I’m …….TIRED!! Okay I made it maybe the equivalent of half a block and thought I was going to pass out, LOL!! I guess I figured well I walk places and run across the street sometimes, so this is one form of exercise I wouldn’t have to train for, WRONG!! I was out of breath, sweating and my legs were hurtin! As I looked around I saw lots of other runners, I was a little embarrassed to let them see me stop, so what did I do?? Of course, pretend I had a leg cramp!! As I hobbled to the side of the street, other runners passed me and yelled words of inspiration, like “Stretch” or “Happens to me all the time, just warm up a little more”, I was such a FRAUD, LOL!! I felt bad but just started again this time walking, I made it around the corner and when I reached the top of the hill I started a light jog, just as I was about to quit a truck with some construction workers rode by and whistled at me, well that’s what I needed, as I smiled at them I picked up the pace and pretended that I was a world class marathon runner and by the time they were out of my eyesight I threw myself down into the grass and just layed there, staring up at the sky, LOL!!! Tomorrow when I look out the window I hope it’s raining so I can stay in my house and do my little yoga!!


  1. LOL!!! I would've done the same thing!

    PS. Bought the whipped sugar from Women's Empowerment the best money ever. Does how big does it come. I need a big jar!!

  2. That was hilarious!