Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Go Government!

Well Pooka family today I am somewhat of a happy camper! You know I was a “political expert” during the Obama campaign but I have to admit I’ve been following the healthcare trials and tribulations but have started getting a little turned off! Its easy to get turned off because so many of the changes we don’t see. But that all changed this week!! I got my credit card statement! Now usually this is never a good thing but because of the new bills passed credit card companies now have to reveal on the statement how long it will take you to pay off your card if you pay the minimum amount, the interest rate and overall make the bill easier to understand, well….I GOT IT!!! With my new information I realized that my credit balance (which I can tell you cause we’re family) of $1500. Would take me 30 YEARS to pay off if I paid the minimum!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!! That’s the length of time to pay a mortgage and for $1500!!!! Well when I kept reading my now easy to understand statement, I realized that my credit card interest rate had gone up and I didn’t even know it!! It was 30%, “WHAT!!!” Now I’m losing it so I quickly picked up the phone and called the bank and they said because I was late 2 times, 2 TIMES people that my rate jumped to 30%!!! Well now I’m furious, but, I opened my next credit card statement, yeah, yeah there was another one and I realized I could pay that balance off in 36 months and the rate was only 13%, so I quickly transferred my stupid credit card to my good credit card and have saved myself a mountain of cash. We’ve been fighting for so much in government and it feels good to actually see something that really helped me out! So I say kudos government, your political expert is back! Now…..I must tackle health care!

Ps I don’t like to name, names but….CHASE you stink and Bank of America Thanks! LOL!

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  1. CHASE does STINK!!!! They are great for banking, but their credit/lending practices are the worse.