Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well Pooka family we had a great time in North Carolina! Women's Empowerment was just that, empowering! I got to NC early so that I could do the pre-event set up. April and the boys picked me up at the airport and we were off to run our errands. Around noon the boys got hungry so April suggested Chick-fil-A. Now you know I’m thinking, “Yuck, fast food!” but I decided to be optimistic maybe they had organic fries, LOL. Well let me tell you about Chick-fil-A, North Carolina Style!!!! We started to drive up to the drive-thru and immediately a woman wearing a crossing guard type of thingy and head phones walks up to the car, of course my jersey skepticism is thinking, “great we’re gonna get a ticket or maybe April’s registration isn’t current (what faith I have in my friends!LOL)” , but she just smiles and says “welcome to the chick fil a drive thru. do you need help with the menu?”, “hmmm…..that was kind of Nice”, I thought. As we’re directed to the end of the drive thru another nice young man greeted us and told us about the menu and our payment options, he had a credit swiper and said we could pay right there, but not before we discussed the benefits of kids meals, the type of chicken sauces or the different types of drinks that would be best for the kids! Okay now I’m a little impressed. As we drive through to pick up our food, the kids spot the indoor playroom and start losing it, “mommy, pleasssse can we go in?” We decided to let them play, so when we went to pick up the food we would have to take all the food into the car, park and take the bags inside, well the chick fil a drive thru lady heard us and said, “Don’t worry, park your car, we’ll set your food up for you here at a table so it will be waiting when you come in! “What!” alright cut it out Chick-fil-A , this is too nice!. When we got in we were escorted to our table like royalty. People came to our table with smiles bringing us straws and checking to see if we needed anymore of their special sauces or just to see if we were….HAPPY! I was amazed at the VIP treatment but when I looked around I realized everyone was getting it. Well people I have never had such great treatment at a “fast food” place or even some restaurants. I decided to try it when I got home. I drove up to a chic-fil-a and my order was taken by a girl who was mad because she had to come to work! “I got better stuff to do, angie always gets off when she wants….(this is what I hear over the intercom as I try to cut in to order some fries). When I got to the window she didn’t even say HI! I gave her my money and when she gave me the change she dropped the quarter under the car!!! Welcome Home Dawn!!
I’ve decided when it’s time I’ll be having my wedding reception at Chick-fil-A in NORTH CAROLINA!


  1. I am originally from Jersey as well but when I moved to SC one of the first restaurants I went to was Chick-Fil-A. They are top notch in everything that they do and I love it. The founder of the restaurant is Christian and he expects all his employees to treat all customers with respect and courtesy. I am glad you loved Chick-Fil-A!

  2. The Chik Fil A near my house here in Garner says, "It's a wonderful morning here at Chik Fil A how can I assist you?" Place order. Repeat order is that all? I will assist you further at the window. Get to window Smiles and Good mornings! repeat order and price before you leave. Have a blessed day! I promise I give my money to them for that blessed day! LOL I love Chik Fil A.

  3. hah! Chick-fil-a is now in S.Jersey now! It's the healthiest fast food out there. It's the only one I'll eat plus the plp working there are always polite. That's how people should always be but living in NYC i find most people think someone being nice is strange.