Thursday, January 29, 2009

Call me Michelle!

Wow, what an exciting time! I’m sure everyone watched as Barack Obama was sworn in as our president! Amazing! I watched the festivities all day from 10:00am-11:00pm. After the 6th ball and another dragging rendition of “At Last” I had to call it quits. I thought that Michelle Obama was regal and I was so proud of her. It made me start thinking………….Let me first start by saying growing up I didn’t like my middle name. There was nothing wrong with it but I just didn’t think it fit. My parents were into the matching names so we all had DMF initials. Donna Marie, Douglas Morgan and………Dawn MICHELLE. Yuck, I always complained to her “Why couldn’t I be Dawn Marie”, I thought that flowed so much better, “Donna get’s everything great!” I was soooooo dramatic and very much Jan Brady, the middle child! Well I can honestly say now that my middle name ROCKS!! Finally at ___ years old (you didn’t think I was going to put that in!) I love my middle name. When people call me Dawn I quickly correct them and tell them I go by my middle name now, Michelle! I was also thinking that If I can do some investigating in Africa and find out if Barack has a brother and we meet and fall in love and get married, I could be the new……..MICHELLE OBAMA!!!
A girl can dream can’t she!!!!!

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  1. HILARIOUS!!!!!
    Dawn....OOPS...I mean Michelle, your energy is always great! I pray you find Barack's brother/cousin/nephew. Be careful because there will be many impersonators. Yesterday in Penn Station (Newark) this FIIINNNEE African gentlemen came over to talk to me. He had my full attention, until he tried to convince me he was related to Barack...needless to say, I ran back to the Horizon faster than ever!!! Be careful Chika!!