Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Crush

Well it's happened.................I knew it would one day, it's supposed to, I understand, it happened to me....BUT I just wasn't ready for it to happen to my baby. Oh, he doesn't really KNOW its happened, But I do. William has had his first crush! It started out innocently enough, we talk at dinner about how his day went at school and he drops a few names of friends yah de yah de yah da. I listen, make comments BUT I guess I wasn't listening enough because one day we went to Tae Kwan Doe and he was very shocked and surprised to find one of his classmates there. Of course I had to meet her and her mother and father and sister. From then on (this was about 4 months ago) thats all he ever talks about _______ said that! ___________is so funny! ________ goes there too!________is my friend. At first I was like "Oh please get a grip!" I'm so tired of hearing about _________. Then I started thinking back to my first crush "Benjamin". The cutest little brown skin boy you ever saw! I was in first grade also and he appointed himself my best friend. I liked him and he liked me. We sat together at lunch, we played together on the playground, we walked home from school together (with my older brother Mark, friends Leah and Missy). It was the first time in my life outside of my father and brothers/cousins/uncles etc. that a male liked me for me. It was so Innocent! You did'nt have to do anything you didn't want to do, wear anything extra(that made you look hot or sexy) or act like you were really interested in everything they were interested in. You were just able to be you. Those were the best of days until Ben moved. I cried my eyes out for weeks! My family didn't understand what was wrong with me and I couldn't explain it. Eventually I got over Ben and there were more crushes to come, but there is nothing like the first. So now when Will tells me about his friend I smile a little secret smile of understanding, these will be some of his best days.

P.S. If anybody knows Ben tell him to give me a call!

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