Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dawn's Resolutions

Well it’s the end of another year and I for one am excited about 2009!
It’s funny how we are all filled with such a sense of hope that a new year brings. Why is it that we only feel we can start over, clean up our finances, find love, correct wrongs, basically change our entire life at the end of the year, what happens during the year!
Every year I make huge resolutions and by March I can’t remember what they were and I don’t even think about them! I think that this year we should concentrate on making the entire year count. Don’t wait until New Years Eve to decide what needs to be done to enrich your life. Make resolutions every day and try to stick to them. (Obviously I’m in a preachy mood, LOL!) This year I really want to make some changes and I’m going to start by working on these things every day so that when 2009 is over I’ll be sad to see it go because such wonderful things were accomplished! So let’s work on it together people, every day!

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