Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sex and the City: The Review (Pookalitas Style)

Donna's View

Well I went to see the much anticipated movie of the summer. I admit that I am a true fan and always have been. I still watch the reruns!! I believe that the show taught women so much... maybe too much!! You could watch to learn or watch because you knew you could never... shut your mouth!

We did the girls pre-movie dinner so we could chat and order cocktails. We also discussed which character we thought we were and then let others give their opinion. It's funny that your perception of yourself is not always others reality!! We ordered our tickets beforehand to be prepared. We got our snacks and stood in line for prime seats in the theater. We watched the previews and then the movie started. We heard the familiar opening music and off we went. Right back into that special woman world. The world full of love, choices, men, fabulous fashion, tears, excitement, doubt, passion, sister/friends, food, laughter, children, money, strength, breathlessness, joy and yes... sex!

I would consider myself a girly girl and a romantic at heart. I thought the movie was really good. I guess I missed those women like they were my girls! I am not sure though how I felt about the end (and don't worry, won't give anything away!!) The romantic/emotional woman in me fought with the logical/hurt woman in me and we rolled around for a minute. In the end though we both gave the movie thumbs up. Did we talk about the shoes?...

Dawn's View

Well... wasn't that nice that Donna had a nice relaxing time?! Alright, I too am a die hard Sex and the City fan!! I was sooo excited and decided to plan our girlfriend Sex and the City outing. I sent out a very witty email and my machine crashed right before I hit "send", so I had to recreate it and then I sent it out. I couldn't wait for the response from all the girls, about 9 in total! I took a shower and went back to machine for all the responses. NONE! Okay, I'll wait a little longer.

At about 2:30 I started feeling a little crappy that no one else was excited. I waited until the next morning to call everyone because I wanted to get the tickets in advance, I had heard theaters were selling out. I made my first call, "So, did you get my email?" response, "NO." After calling everyone I realized no one got my email! But that was okay I put the plan in motion, we were going to eat first and then see the movie.

I purchased all the tickets in advance. That day I called everyone, coordinated times, rides and even outfits (I know I really need to get a life!) By the time we all met coming from different directions I was frazzled and we were running late. I dropped my car load off at the restaurant and then went back to the theater to pick up the tickets. Went back to the restaurant and dropped off April so she could order her food and drove to get gas so I wouldn't have to get it after we ate. I finally got to the restaurant and we had 15 minutes to eat!! When the food arrived we asked for the check at the same time and inhaled everything, drinks included, in our small window of time. Paid the bill and I ran to get the car, packed my crew in and drove to the movie like a maniac so we could get in line and all sit together.

Now we're finally on line and go into the theater and find seats, when I look around and the theater is half full!!! I was losing my mind to get here and the theater was HALF FULL!!! Lights dimmed and the movie began.......

p.s. I liked it, not loved it, liked it, great shoes! Next time I'm going alone, LOL!

April's View

I was SO Happy to be going out and hanging with my girls to watch what I hoped would be one of the best (girl) movies ever. I am not a girly girl, I would much rather see action, science fiction, horror etc. But, I love Sex and the City so it was okay to go see the movie.

My mom was going to watch the kids (who were excited about spending the night at Grandma's house.) I too was excited as I raced to get them into the car and out of the driveway when I managed to scrape the side of my car against the garage trying to be on time! (Thanks D.) Dawn was steady calling me every five minutes, "Are you there yet?", "Did you get there?", "Are you almost there?" It was a little stressful, all I could say was, "I'm on my way!"

When I finally got to my mother's building she had already gone back upstairs, so I had the doorman call her to come back down. (Yes, you know I had to hear some words.) Dawn calls me again "Are you there?" "Yes" I said. "Is Melissa (my sister-in-law) there yet?" "No, not yet." I replied. Oh the agony we were putting Dawn through! She said, "We have to be on time!" I answered, "I know, if you guys want to leave its okay, I'll wait for her and we will ride together." Luckily Mel arrived a few minutes after I did so we were able to jump in Dawn's car (Stephanie was already in the car) and off we went!

We made it to the restaurant where I had a couple of Lemon Drop Martinis (Delicious) and a wonderful dinner. We raced to the theater (Dawn and I had picked up the tickets earlier) secured seats and settled in to watch the show. I enjoyed it, I probably enjoyed it more because I was with my girlfriends.

Tricia’s "Told you!" View

Didn't I tell you Pooka Family? I told you, I told you, I told you! Did you read my last blog? Carrie waited 10 years for Mr. Big and what happens? Okay, I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet... there is a twist, then a turn, then the quintessential fairy tale ending. Hope you enjoy it!

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