Thursday, January 24, 2008

Donna Loves Food!!

Hi Everybody,

I am a foodie! I am very proud of this fact. I love all things read about, watch and especially to eat. My ultimate culinary experience is to dine al fresco...barbecues included!! I read recipes like novels and watch cooking shows as if earning my g.e.d. in food!

My fav magazines in this category are Cooking Light - health conscious, guilt free recipes; Food magazine - very small tv guide-sized gem with great quick week night recipes... (although I am a business mogul in training I still go home to cook dinner for my husband...most nights!!) and Saveur magazine which is the most visually stimulating of them all. It contains the places to stay, the sites to see, the local people, breathtaking pictures and the most fabulous recipes of them all. I take my passport with me every time I read it. is one of my favs (love Rachel Ray and Giada!!) and my tv automatically turns on to the Food Network. I am also not mad at Garvin on TV1 either!! I love cooking and trying new recipes almost as much as eating!!

Food is comfort, cooking for others is love. My name is Donna and I am a foodie.

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