Thursday, January 24, 2008

Looking Forward To A Great 2008

Hey Everybody,

Thought it was time I threw in my two cents (since this blog is supposed to be for all of the Pookalitas).

The family is strong and we recognize healing is an ongoing process but thanks to all of your support, prayers and shoulders we are moving forward. Through it all my faith has been strengthened. I'm not sure whether to call it enlightenment or spirituality but whatever you call it I'm in a good place.

I can't believe William is six already and Wesley turned 2 last week (Happy Birthday Baby!!). So as you guys can imagine raising two boys keeps me on the run but we are enjoying the ride. So while Dawn is busy telling you how to save our planet I'm going to tell you how I juggle work, play and raising two boys without losing my mind.

"Talk" to you soon...April

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