Thursday, August 29, 2013

And You Have a Great Day!!!!!!

Greetings Pooka family!   I was heading to work after enjoying a great summer weekend. Not to Pooka but to my "other" job.  Snoozing on the train listening to Donnie Mcclurkin so he could give me some Monday morning inspiration.  We pulled into the station and everyone does their usual train dance of unplugging their technology, looking for their metro cards and making sure not to leave their lunch! The man in front of me turned around because he recognized the woman sitting next to me. He was very cheery and happy to see her. She on the other hand was just trying to make it through Monday morning. He kept being cheery and then asked her "Are you going to have a great day today!" She quietly replied" Happy Monday". He then noticed me and asked me, "And you. Are you going to have a great day today"! I quickly replied yes because I guess I was surprised he asked me!  I then told him that I wanted some of what he had for breakfast lol! He looked at me an said "I didn't have anything. I just woke up this morning! Wow Pooka family! Talk about a simple but profound statement!  That man then proceeded to ask all the strangers around him that same question and it changed everyone's state of mind, everyone's perspective. The whole mood changed and everyone was smiling and sharing the spirit of the great day they were going to have. I have repeated this story fifty times since Monday because it so effected me. You see after he asked that question I decided to actually have a great matter what.  I always know in my head that we decide our mood or our reactions to whatever life brings. Family we all know that doesn't always work. For some reason though, that man's question, his enthusiasm, his contagious spirit and his answer to my question so touched me. I am living one day at a time but I truly am determined to have a great day every day! Pooka family I challenge you to do the same because life is to short. So... When you head out to work tomorrow decide to have a great  day no matter what.  Remember if you wake up you are more than half way there!
Peace and Blessings family!

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