Thursday, September 5, 2013

Drivin Miss Dawnie!!

Hey Pooka family!  I got a notice in the mail and realized it was time to renew my license.  Of course I thought, “Okay, I’ll mail this next week!”  Well next week turned into the next couple of weeks and when I went to drop it in the mail, I noticed there was no envelope.  After further inspection I realized I couldn’t renew by mail!  Ugh! So now it’s getting close to renewal time and I have to go to DMV.  After dropping off some Pooka I decide to drive over to DMV and get it done.  My renewal date was the 31st  and it was the 30th!  When I got to DMV,obviously I had a memory lapse and forgot that now you need 6 points of ID!  I had nothing, so I just got right off the line and decided to go in the morning.  Now, its the 31st last day to renew, so I packed my bag and set out to DMV.
The previous day I had seen people getting thrown off the line for have the wrong papers, or wrong this or wrong that!  I knew that wouldnt be me because I was prepared.  Besides my birth certificate, passport, pseg bill, credit card statements I ALSO HAD a picutre of my hand print that I made in kindergarten, the first tooth I ever lost, my high school year book, AND my 3rd grade report card!  That’s right DMV, I am DAWN FITCH and I have all the stuff to prove it.  Finally it was my turn and I went up to the counter with all of my items.  I was so nervous because the one thing I didn’t have was my social security card, I’d lost it years ago.  So I handed the woman all of my items and held my breath.  The wait was nerve wracking!  Would I be denied a license? would I have to take the test all over again? would I be resigned to taking the bus?! Finally she handed all of my paperwork back and told me to move on to section 2!! Yay!! I did it!  Now the funny part was when she handed back the pile of papers I gave her, she also gave me back my social security card!! I just looked at her!  Was this some kind of trick?  Where did she get that from?  I didn’t realize that my social security card had been inside my folded birth certificate for years!  Who goes to DMV and actually finds identification, LOL! 

I was so excited and moved on to...Uh Oh....THE PICTURE!! OMG, how could I forget the picture! In my haste to get all of my papers and to get there right when they opened I forgot that I would be taking a picture!  A picture that would be on my license for 4 more years!  Man!  I was wearing an old shirt, my hair wasnt done and no make up! 

I patted down my hair, smoothed down my eyebrows and stepped up to the camera. Click!  I was horrified!  First off it was a close head shot, I asked her If she could back up a little and take it again.  She just looked at me, “Ma’m this is how we take them now, close head shots”.  She looked at it and agreed it was bad enough to take another.  I tried to push myself so far back into the wall the I made an imprint and waited for the click.  “Click!”  She shook her head, handed me the print and I took my little mugshot and headed home vowing that in 4 more years I was gonna be ready!

So what did we learn from this?  Check your renewals in the mail and dont miss the dates!  Going to DMV is not all bad you might actually find some of your missing items! 3. Comb your hair...period!  The one plus about my renewal experience was that this year I finally decided to become an organ donor.  

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